Visa Debit Cards

With a Debit Card from Savannah Federal, you have access to your money 24/7 no matter where you are. The funds come directly from your checking account and you pay no annual fee. You can withdraw funds, transfer funds, obtain balance information from your account, and make point-of-sale (POS) transactions to purchase goods or services. By using a CU 24 ATM machine you can eliminate any withdrawal fees.

Features Include:


  • Protection: When you purchase merchandise at a retail store, you receive the benefits of the item being protected by Visa. For example, if the product is faulty and the merchant will not honor the return, you have the option to possibly dispute the item through what is known as a charge back.

  • Safety: When you select "CREDIT" and sign for your purchases the transaction is routed through the Visa Network. This gives you all the security of the Visa Network and your 4 digit PIN is not stored on the merchant's terminals or servers when you select "CREDIT". Of equal importance, when your transaction goes through the Visa Network, Visa monitors your account 24 hours a day to help prevent, detect, and resolve fraud on your Check Card. With Visa's Zero Liability Policy, you are not responsible for unauthorized purchases when you select "CREDIT". This level of protection does not occur when you select "debit" and complete a PIN based transaction.

  • Convenience: Selecting "CREDIT" is also more convenient as it is faster and helps speed up the checkout line. Some merchants now don't even require a signature if the transaction amount is under $25.

Remember, there are no fees for selecting "CREDIT", but you receive all of the safety and protections of the Visa Network with Zero liability if unauthorized transactions occur on your account.