Master Share (Savings) Account

A master share account is opened in order to establish membership with the credit union. It only takes $27 to open your membership account which includes a $25 deposit to the Master Share Account and a $2 entrance fee.  Once you have become a member by opening the master share account , other accounts may be opened.  The $25 balance in this account is required to maintain your membership.  And remember, “Once a Member, Always a Member.”* 

*(certain restrictions may apply).



Member Choice Share Account- Envelope Accounts

Remember the envelopes method to saving and budgeting!  Now you can manage your short and mid-range goals with the use of our Envelope Accounts.  It is easy through payroll deduction or direct deposit.  As many as 5 (five) extra savings accounts are available for your budgeting needs in addition to the regular savings and Christmas club.  Save for vacations, home or auto repairs, or that new boat you’ve been wanting!  And keep the funds separated from your other savings and checking funds.



Christmas Club

Earn dividends while you save for Christmas spending the easy way through payroll deduction.



Share Certificates

Certificates of deposit can be purchased for as little as $500.00. Terms from six months to five years are available at competitive rates.



Savings Calculator

Calculate the value of a one-time investment kept at a constant interest rate, compounded quarterly.

Initial Investment

Interest Rate

Years Invested

* Numbers and decimal points only.

*Estimated Future Value